1 Temmuz 2009 Çarşamba

Previous Studies

After graduating even though I hate going to the bank, I started to work for HSBC because of not wanting to look for a job. After one year I decided that I could not work in this sector or marketing depertmant any longer and I started to work in the budget planning department for the biggest health group in Turkey. Although it was a big company, I wanted to take part in a holding company which would support my further academic education and I would develop myself. As a consequence, I change my job and I started to work for Calik Holding I have already been working. I got a master's degree in accounting and finance at nights when working and during that time my colleagues assisted me forebearingly. I am really lucky to work with the colleagues who think and behave the same as I do, can endure my moody habit and respect my silly rules (i.e. I can work more effective when I am alone, I can't work under pressure...)

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