1 Temmuz 2009 Çarşamba


In the middle of August I'll turn back to Turkey. After turning back, besides staying in the Calik Holding, I am going to apply PhD and the ERASMUS to go to Albania. But before these I am going to take the second part of the certified public accountant exams to receive my certificate.I am not going to graduate from doctorate but it may enable me to continue at my leisure with further academic study in English.

After staying in Albenia about 2 years long, I am going to turn back to Turkey. I haven't thought about the years ahead but I'll be almost 30 and for later I should think to marry and start a family.

After 40-45 (maybe before) I'd like to buy a farmhouse and move to a coastal town in the south-west side of Turkey. As my family and friends know, I don't like speaking too much and I prefer to live in a peaceful, quite atmosphere but they also know that I want them my around.

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