7 Aralık 2009 Pazartesi

It seems that I have neglected my blog...

It`s been quite a long time since the last time I published something. I could really not noticed how fast time passed by...

18 Ekim 2009 Pazar

Third week summary

Last weekend, in the end I moved into my flat and we started a huge hygiene operation with my charlady. Three times I went shopping, once for detergent, once for drink and dry food, once for vegetable and fruit. At the end of day I was exhausted but curtains and rugs still were not washed so I could not rest in peace as a person who has some mental problem about house cleaning. On Sunday, I went to James Belushi concert financially sponsored by the company I work for.

Second week summary

Second week I moved to Ebru's flat for one week because Gaye would return to Turkey and I was going to move into her flat. At the weekend, after seeing Gaye off at the airport we went to a historical village near Tirana. The kindest and cutest man I have ever seen in Tirana, on the left side picture, demonstrates a equipment that made olive oil out throughout the centuries.

17 Ekim 2009 Cumartesi

First week summary

I don't know where I should start from as I have been here nearly for a month. First week I stayed in the Tirana Hotel and I went to a few nice restaurants, cafe and bar but I forgot to take a photo. I also went to Bob Sinclar concert. On the left side, you can see Bob and on the right side his dancing girls appear. As you understand, I was placed on the top thanks to Gaye.

10 Eylül 2009 Perşembe


From now on, the purpose of this blog is to share my life in Tirana, Albania, where I am going to work one year long as of 23 September .

20 Temmuz 2009 Pazartesi

7. Cappadocia (Fairy Chimneys): You can stay overnight in the cave hotel where since the old Bronz Age many different civilizations have been hosted.
Please, do not try to do the same as I did, do not climb anywhere at midnight, especially by falling for frends do not enter a place without reading the warning sign. There are giant sivas kangal dogs :)
I strongly recommend you to join a hot air baloon tour.
6. Kaş-Kalkan: I am going to mention only quite coastal towns so if you are not interested in, you don't need to keep on reading anymore about the title of "where should we visit in Turkey ?".
Kaş is a small coastal town where has local shops, nice restaurants and open air live music cafe/bars. Furthermore, Kekova anthic undersea cities, Patara Beach, Olympos Bay and Lagoon, Saklıkent Canon are among worthwhile near places to visit.

19 Temmuz 2009 Pazar

5. Marmaris-Datca: In the south-west side of Turkey, I suggest you to visit all bays by boat from Marmaris to Datca. I cannot say the center of Marmaris should be seen, however if your point of view to holiday is different from I have, if you have a better time when you go to night clubs that is full of tourist especially from England and Russia and get up late, it may be more appropriate for you to stay in Marmaris. I took these photos in Selimiye last year. I know that is not easy to be realized but in the left side picture maybe you can see me and my mother.
4. The Princes’ Islands (ISTANBUL): They consist of nine islans where are the biggest two Büyükada (meaning Large Island) and Heybeliada (meaning Saddlebag Island). After a short ship ride that lasts aproximately a half hour from Bostancı (in the Asian side of Istanbul) or Eminönü (in the European side of Istanbul), you will arrive to Büyükada where has no traffic. After taking a tour by buggy towards the top of the island, you can climb to Aya Yorgi Church to have a glass of wine and the bird’s eye view of the island. Moreover, Büyükada has many area where have been arranged for picnic.
3. Sultanahmet (ISTANBUL): The Blue Mosque, Aya Sophia and Topkapı Palace are the most worthwhile constructions where should be visited. In Sultanahmet, where is a tourist area, in addition to visit these buildings a street tramway can be taken throught Eminönü in order to look at traditional shops and hubble bubble cafes and stop off somewhere on tramway road.
2. Taksim/Beyoğlu continued (ISTANBUL): If having an idea about modern entertaining life was wanted, I might recommend the 360 and Lebi – Derya where have a fascinating bosphorus view. On Beyoğlu Street, there exist also lots of night club, however I have no idea about them due to the fact that I do not like places where are dark and indoor, played techno-like music.
2. Taksim/Beyoğlu continued (ISTANBUL): It can be said that Nevizade is a place where there are people from all walks of life and where is the mirror of traditional night entertaining style. In day, Cicek Pasajı where is next to Nevizade can be visited.
2. Taksim / Beyoglu (ISTANBUL): There are many historical buildings and terrace bars that have the Bosphorus view in this area. Moreover, it can be defined as the center of nightlife in Istanbul. The picture that is at the left side have been taken on Beyoğlu Street. At the right side, a picture from a part of Asmalımescit/Beyoğlu is seen.

Frequently Asked Questions in London – 3

Where do you suggest us to visit in Turkey ?

1. The Bosphorus: You don’t need to join a tourist boat tour. Taking a ship to cross is cheaper way as well as being more enjoyable. I suggest especially to be crossed from Eminönü or Karaköy to Kadıköy at sunset.
10. Kuru fasulye & pilaf: White kidney bean are cooked with tomato paste, onion, carrot and pepper, served with rice pilaf and pickle. Pastırma or spicy suasage can be put in obtionally. Pilaf, at the same time, is cooked with many different techniques and materials. I recommend to be tried perde pilaf.
9. Soup: In addition to there exist a great variety of soup in Turkey, I can reckon ezogelin, tarhana and tutmaç as my favorites among traditionals.
8. Zeytinyağlılar: In Turkey, there are two vegetable cooking style, with or without meat. The vegetable dishes namely Zeytinyağlı don’t contain meat, cooked with olive oil, small chopped onions, and tomatoes and served cold.
7. Lahmacun, pide (pita): Lahmacun is made with spiced meat over pide dough. Pide is called pita here, however there are some differences in the preparing style of pita between England and Turkey. In Turkey, pide also refers to another food that is similar to pizza and in the different region of Turkey contains traditional baking technique and materials.

18 Temmuz 2009 Cumartesi

6. Seafood: In Turkey, there exist many type of fish. Tubrot, whiting, red mullet, sword fish, sole are the most I like among them. However, prawn, mussel and calamar have the precedence for me. In London, when I eat these three, they make me feel as if I eat plastic because the restaurants generally use freeze materials and serve without souce.
5. Breakfast: While at the week Turkish breakfast especially consists of tea, white cheese, simit, olive, tomatoes, boiled eggs, cucumbers, chilli over olive oil, homemade jams and honey, at the weekend there are many different item on the table besides these. Pastry, a variety of cheese, menemen ( a kind of traditional turkish omelet), fried egg with spicy sausages are some of these.

16 Temmuz 2009 Perşembe

4. Börek: They are made of phyllo dough and among them white chease, meat or some vegetables are put into. It generally is cooked in a large pan in cousine. There are many kind of börek, for instance cigar, arm, water, pacanga, raw börek are some of them.
3. Dolma: There are two kind of dolma. One of these is cooked with meat and eaten hot in company with yogurt. The other one are cooked especially with olive oil, without meat and eaten cold as meze. It can be cooked with many different vagetables, moreover if dried vegetables are used, it will be tastier. A rice mixture is filled in vegetables or the grape leaf that is fit for stuffing. This mixture includes rice, onion, pinenut, oil, some spices, tomatoe and obtionally some green vegetables.
2. Mantı: It consists of spiced meat inside of boiled very small and thin doughs. It is served with yogurt and boiling butter including chilli.

Frequently Asked Questions in London – 2

What is your favorite Turkish dish ?

My favorite Turkish dish is Iskender Kebap but I would like to give my top 10 list because it is not possible for me to pass this subject with a few words.

1. Iskender Kebap: It is prepared with special Turkish bread pieces (pide), tomato souce, very very thinly cut grilled beef, boiling melted butter from bottom to top respectively and served with yogurt.

Most English know kebap as fast food because of the kebab shops here. In Turkey, in addition to these kind of shops where it is much tastier, there are many real kebap restaurant. What do you think I mean when saying real ? Here you are a web-site that puts up the list of the top 10 kebap restaurant in English. If you think to come to Turkey, I strongly recommend you to stop off in near one. http://www.mymerhaba.com/Iskender-Kebap-in-Turkey-2222.html

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Frequently Asked Questions in London - 1

What do you like/dislike in London ?

Merely on condition that I live in Heampstead I can stay in London without complaining because only there I feel myself in safe and so happy even though I am away from my relatives.

Unless pressed, the tabs does not work. Could someone explain me when pressing how I can wash my two hands together, how I can clean properly ? And someone must be knowing the answer of why it is flowing only as hot or cold, why I am burning or freezing, there is a acceptible reason, isn't there ? Moreover, isn’t it more hygienic if the tabs that work without touching anything are used ?

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In the middle of August I'll turn back to Turkey. After turning back, besides staying in the Calik Holding, I am going to apply PhD and the ERASMUS to go to Albania. But before these I am going to take the second part of the certified public accountant exams to receive my certificate.I am not going to graduate from doctorate but it may enable me to continue at my leisure with further academic study in English.

After staying in Albenia about 2 years long, I am going to turn back to Turkey. I haven't thought about the years ahead but I'll be almost 30 and for later I should think to marry and start a family.

After 40-45 (maybe before) I'd like to buy a farmhouse and move to a coastal town in the south-west side of Turkey. As my family and friends know, I don't like speaking too much and I prefer to live in a peaceful, quite atmosphere but they also know that I want them my around.

Previous Studies

After graduating even though I hate going to the bank, I started to work for HSBC because of not wanting to look for a job. After one year I decided that I could not work in this sector or marketing depertmant any longer and I started to work in the budget planning department for the biggest health group in Turkey. Although it was a big company, I wanted to take part in a holding company which would support my further academic education and I would develop myself. As a consequence, I change my job and I started to work for Calik Holding I have already been working. I got a master's degree in accounting and finance at nights when working and during that time my colleagues assisted me forebearingly. I am really lucky to work with the colleagues who think and behave the same as I do, can endure my moody habit and respect my silly rules (i.e. I can work more effective when I am alone, I can't work under pressure...)


I grew by watching Brazilian soap operas with my mother and having a good time with my fiends until the last year of the high shool because my parents said we would decide on our future. As you can guess I chose not to study like every child. At the last year of high scool I had to take an exam to start the university but I knew nothing. Fortunately everyday only watching T.V. and going out began not to make sense and also my best friend was so hardworking and had some future plans. If I had had lazy friends like me I might not have prepared this exam too. That year I put on 17 kilos by sitting next to the fridge. I think my study room was the kitchen. As a consequence of all these I got into the one of the best university in Turkey.

Task 1

I've set up this blog to complete one of my self-study tasks and so I will try to mention my background, previous and future studies briefly below. You can read the other informatoin (about me and my interests) on my profile page.