7 Aralık 2009 Pazartesi

It seems that I have neglected my blog...

It`s been quite a long time since the last time I published something. I could really not noticed how fast time passed by...

18 Ekim 2009 Pazar

Third week summary

Last weekend, in the end I moved into my flat and we started a huge hygiene operation with my charlady. Three times I went shopping, once for detergent, once for drink and dry food, once for vegetable and fruit. At the end of day I was exhausted but curtains and rugs still were not washed so I could not rest in peace as a person who has some mental problem about house cleaning. On Sunday, I went to James Belushi concert financially sponsored by the company I work for.

Second week summary

Second week I moved to Ebru's flat for one week because Gaye would return to Turkey and I was going to move into her flat. At the weekend, after seeing Gaye off at the airport we went to a historical village near Tirana. The kindest and cutest man I have ever seen in Tirana, on the left side picture, demonstrates a equipment that made olive oil out throughout the centuries.

17 Ekim 2009 Cumartesi

First week summary

I don't know where I should start from as I have been here nearly for a month. First week I stayed in the Tirana Hotel and I went to a few nice restaurants, cafe and bar but I forgot to take a photo. I also went to Bob Sinclar concert. On the left side, you can see Bob and on the right side his dancing girls appear. As you understand, I was placed on the top thanks to Gaye.

10 Eylül 2009 Perşembe


From now on, the purpose of this blog is to share my life in Tirana, Albania, where I am going to work one year long as of 23 September .

20 Temmuz 2009 Pazartesi

7. Cappadocia (Fairy Chimneys): You can stay overnight in the cave hotel where since the old Bronz Age many different civilizations have been hosted.
Please, do not try to do the same as I did, do not climb anywhere at midnight, especially by falling for frends do not enter a place without reading the warning sign. There are giant sivas kangal dogs :)
I strongly recommend you to join a hot air baloon tour.
6. Kaş-Kalkan: I am going to mention only quite coastal towns so if you are not interested in, you don't need to keep on reading anymore about the title of "where should we visit in Turkey ?".
Kaş is a small coastal town where has local shops, nice restaurants and open air live music cafe/bars. Furthermore, Kekova anthic undersea cities, Patara Beach, Olympos Bay and Lagoon, Saklıkent Canon are among worthwhile near places to visit.